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         Hristo Bozukov is one of the dynamic young authors in contemporary Bulgarian art. His biography includes 21 solo exhibitions as well as a large number of joint expositions and awards. Each one of his paintings is a revelation for connoisseurs. “There must always be a surprise. When we manage to figure it out, we have already moved to a new dimension”, the artist says. Hristo Bozukov defines himself as an experimenter – a key word in his artistic exploits. In his work, paints have become tools for the accomplishment of figures and plots, skillfully modelled within the parameters of the canvas. The artisit’s pictures are infused with content in which, using his unique methods, he hints at the highlight of each painting, at his profile of author and creator. The characteristic features of Hristo Bozukov’s artistic world reflect his own inventive reactions. Hristo Bozukov’s work has been highly appreciated by experts. Assoc. Prof. Dr Vladimir Avramov from the Faculty of Fine Arts at St Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo puts it in a nutshell: “With Hristo, freedom is realised as an exclusive place for intuitive painting”.