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SPACE TRANSIT: Exhibition of Hristo Bozukov

TUESDAY, 28 MARCH 2023 FROM 6:30 PM TO 7:30 PM
SPACE TRANSIT: Exhibition of Hristo Bozukov
Artistica Art Gallery

SPACE TRANSIT is the communication of one cosmic object with another. The amount of light energy absorbed by the cosmic object in this communication indicates how large it is compared to other cosmic objects.
So it is in true art.
„SPACE TRANSIT“ is an exhibition about worlds and universes being born and taking on a life of their own.
In the exhibition, artist Hristo Bozukov shows paintings that communicate with abstract universes of thoughts, emotions and feelings. The paintings have an inner saturation of luminous energy that reveals the dominance in each painting.
Thus, each painting has its own story, impression, provocation of something or someone, color, place, object, image and everything imaginable in an absolute and totally abstract universe, recreated through the colors of the paints, as a means of expression, on the canvas and wrapped in mystery, poetry, music, dreams and light. The paintings show worlds with graphite effects, symbolically recreating the typical colours of the cosmos. The strong energy and extreme rhythm of the canvases sharpen the senses and remove material boundaries to reach unsuspected depths of the subconscious, through original insights into the artistic interpretation of the dynamics of the world and life.
Hristo Bozukov enriches his own inimitable handwriting and in parallel recreates his inner emotions and reflects the times in which we live, because each painting is an embodiment of painted thoughts, expressed feelings, a reflection of events and a glimpse into the future. The artist manages in a magical-abstract way to realize and present his works and at the same time to interactively communicate with the viewer, telling the experience through his works.