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Hristo Bozukov



Contemporary bulgarian art




Hristo Bozukov is one of the dynamic young authors in contemporary Bulgarian art. His biography includes 24  solo exhibitions as well as a large number of joint expositions and awards. Each one of his paintings is a revelation for connoisseurs. “There must always be a surprise. When we manage to figure it out, we have already moved to a new dimension”, the artist says. Hristo Bozukov defines himself as an experimenter – a key word in his artistic exploits. In his work, paints have become tools for the accomplishment of figures and plots, skillfully modelled within the parameters of the canvas. The artisit’s pictures are infused with content in which, using his unique methods, he hints at the highlight of each painting, at his profile of author and creator. The characteristic features of Hristo Bozukov’s artistic world reflect his own inventive reactions. Hristo Bozukov’s work has been highly appreciated by experts. Assoc. Prof. Dr Vladimir Avramov from the Faculty of Fine Arts at St Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo puts it in a nutshell: “With Hristo, freedom is realised as an exclusive place for intuitive painting”.




Жената – фетиш в картините на Христо Бозуков


„Жената е като Земята, Вселената и Природата – тя дава и тя отнема, вдъхновява и наказва“ – това споделя художникът Христо Бозуков за новата си изложба, подредена в Пловдивската галерия „Артистика“.


TUESDAY, 28 MARCH 2023 FROM 6:30 PM TO 7:30 PM
SPACE TRANSIT: Exhibition of Hristo Bozukov
Artistica Art Gallery


In the exhibition, artist Hristo Bozukov shows paintings that communicate with abstract universes of thoughts, emotions and feelings. The paintings have an inner saturation of luminous energy that reveals the dominance in each painting. Thus, each painting has its own story, impression, provocation of something or someone, color, place, object, image and everything imaginable in an absolute and totally abstract universe, recreated through the colors of the paints, as a means of expression, on the canvas and wrapped in mystery, poetry, music, dreams and light. The paintings show worlds with graphite effects, symbolically recreating the typical colours of the cosmos.

  • We, You, They, HristoB. at 10
  • from 3 to 23 August 2022
  • Hall „2019“, 32 Gladstone Street, Plovdiv
  • A mirror self – portrait of the traveler of his time.
  • The author Hristo Bozukov is 35 years old and is exhibiting his ten-year creative growth. He transforms life into art and comparing them asks himself whether they are closely connected or opposing,  whether they attract and complete each other.
  • From a philosophical point of view the painter’s work is focused on the difference of living a real life or creating a lot of fictional lives: his paintings. 
  • “We, You, They – Hristo Bozukov ten years of creativity /Hristo Bozukov at ten” is not only an exhibition or retrospection. In the selection of his paintings could be seen an internally free, mastered and harmonious painter, who constantly interprets and represents his inner world in a modern way. That is a kind of self-portrait created by his creative pursuits and a representation of life through painting. Or to be more precise: representation of life through the prism of painting.